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Calling in the Experts - Eliminating Risks

Today it is almost impossible for manufacturers, importers, or retailers to keep a clear head in the jungle of national and international standards and legislation. Particularly since the valid requirements are in a constant state of flux.

You can be on the safe side from the very start with the PFI Group. Our experts undertake chemical, physical, and microbiological tests on consumer articles for you according to current European and international requirements. With the very latest equipment of course. And even more importantly: on the basis of over 50 years practical experience.



Internal and external quality assurance, regular updating of our knowledge base, and participation in standards committees and working groups all serve to substantiate our claim that the PFI Group stands for top quality in quality testing.

The PFI Group provides a worldwide inspection service for manufacturing and trading companies active in the international marketplace. Wherever you may be, our quality expertise will not be far away. Thanks to many years’ experience in goods inspection we are in a position to evaluate a wide range of products.

Our operations in Hong Kong, Mainland China, India, Ethiopia, and Turkey can of course also dispatch highly qualified experts to your business. Just as you would expect from our headquarters in Germany.


Chemical Expertises

Our comprehensive analysis program is completed by attractive service. ...

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There is no area of activity that the PFI Group knows better than the footwear industry... More about


Inspection Service

Quality is our passion. Because quality is the key to business success - and makes our world a little better every day...

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