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An intimate knowledge of domestic and global markets is required in order to tap the full sales potential they offer. Or to develop new markets.


The PFI Group can support you with its wealth of expert knowledge of the market and industry accrued over many decades and with the intelligent solutions it has developed - all tailored to the needs of you and your enterprises.

For example, we offer advice about current possibilities of research funding and handle many of the necessary formalities for you. Or we tap into our large network of cooperation partners. As a member of the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations (AiF) and of the European Union of Research Institutes we are constantly participating in transnational projects.

Chemical Expertises

Our comprehensive analysis program is completed by attractive service. ...

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There is no area of activity that the PFI Group knows better than the footwear industry... More about


Inspection Service

Quality is our passion. Because quality is the key to business success - and makes our world a little better every day...

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