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Our modern world is developing rapidly. And we are evolving too. Because versatility is our business. Also in the areas of biotechnology and environmental engineering.

PFI Biotechnology has been heavily involved in the material and energetic utilisation of biomass since 2003. Our experts handle the biological process engineering of some 30 biogas plants just in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

The main focus of our work in environmental engineering is on the study of plasma-based processes (air ionisation) for improvement of air quality. In addition, we also provide consulting services to companies in the choice of equipment for exhaust air treatment and perform all necessary on-site measurements.

At PFI we work with biotechnological processes for material and energetic utilisation of renewable raw materials. The main focus is on anaerobic fermentation of biomass for biogas production.
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Download Biogas Engineering Test Programme as PDF. 

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