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There is no area of activity that the PFI Group knows better than the footwear industry. Conversely, we can safely claim that nobody is as knowledgeable about the footwear industry as we are.

60 years' experience in the footwear industry
make us your specialist partner for test engineering, research, and development. We test finished footwear, deliver expert opinions, and provide advice in case of technical problems.

We perform tests in accordance with the respective national and international standards and legal provisions. Our tests allow precise conclusions to be drawn about the performance characteristics of footwear and footwear components. We test durability in endurance tests, the non-hazardous nature of materials, fit, microclimate in footwear, and much more besides.

We test footwear and leather goods for light fastness, rub fastness, waterproof properties, and abrasion resistance, among other properties, and certify your products, for example, with the SG quality seal.

We develop test machines and procedures which have become established as generally accepted standards. We are confident that our long experience in the footwear sector together with our interdisciplinary competence enable us to repeatedly impart fresh innovative impetus to the footwear industry.With the foundation of the International Shoe Competence Center (ISC) we have created an international hub in Germany which can address all the concerns and needs of the footwear industry. ISC offers a wide range to training and further education programmes, internet-based databases, as well as an ultramodern production line for training purposes, sample production, and testing of new processes. Purchasers of footwear, leather goods, and leather apparel are becoming ever more demanding. With the aid of the PFI Group you will be able not only to meet but in many cases also to surpass expectations.


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There is no area of activity that the PFI Group knows better than the footwear industry... More about


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